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And what is your

Single IoT platform
Wealth of functionalities

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Offer new advanced products

Offer new advanced products

Give your customers a new more advanced product. Offer new differentiating functionalities. Elevate your product offering with Eledio.

Reduce maintenance costs

Cut running costs

Reduce costs of energy and water. Monitor and control your systems remotely. Reduce operating expenses, identify issues before things go wrong. Save field force costs.

Bulid new service business

Provide advanced services

Simply your clients’ life. Expand your offering by remote proactive care. Give your customers the peace of mind and financial benefits they cannot get anywhere else.

What is Eledio?

What is Eledio?

Industry-Grade Hardware Components

The Eledio platform features a range of universal as well as specialized hardware components.

The components are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. They offer advanced features such as remote software updates, remote management and monitoring thermal management, and hardware heartbeat monitoring.

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Mobile Application Framework

The iXmanager mobile application framework makes the development of end-user applications incredibly fast.

It contains all required UI components as well as common functionalities such as user management, user sharing, správu zařízení, messaging, and overall integration with other Eledio platform components.

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A simple GUI for setting up your device functions
Stunning end-user applications. A powerful cloud back-end.

Technical Management Application

The iXfield web application is used to configure, set up, control, and monitor the Eledio-based systems.

It is designed to manage thousands of individual remote systems from a single screen.

iXfield also keeps rich data history of each system's operational data and events.

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Smart Maintenance Application

The iXsolve smart maintenance application subsystem continuously collects and analyses operational data about the systems.

It detects errors and malfunctions, suggests corrective measures, and alerts the users.

iXsolve maintains all service information as well as the system lifetime and power consumption data.

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A simple GUI for setting up your device functions

Example applications

Swimming pool automation

Smart EV Charging

Wastewater management

Power Balancing

Remote maintenance

Balancing of renewable energy

…and many more

Eledify your product now

How to get started

Step 1

Let us help you design your solution

You know your clients and your solutions the best. Let’s sit down and explore your requirements. We’ll help you design the optimal solution for your business.

Step 2

Let’s build the solution together

No matter your skill level, we will help you build an end-to-end solution. We are open to ODM partnering, too.

Step 3

Enjoy and explore the benefits of Eledio

Only when your solution is built will your journey begin. You will begin to explore its full potential.

Eledify your product now

Contact us

Do you want to discuss how to Eledify your product or solution? Let’s explore how we can make your customers happy and give a little boost to your business.

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